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Bittydesign BDAIR-182S - Airbrush System "Michelangelo" - Bottle Feed - Dual-Action


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The airbrush comes with a 0.4mm threadless nozzle, designed for easy and quick removal and maintenance.

Michelangelo is the bottle-feed variant of the two airbrush systems from Bittydesign.
The airbrush uses a suction system for the colour and a dual-action lever - with that the air- and colour-flow can be controlled seperately. Pressing the lever adjusts the air supply while pulling back controls the amount of colour.

Both airbrush systems have been tested for a long time in Bittydesigns own laboratories with intense daily use.

Michelangelo is considered an allrounder, as it is a very reliable system which allows to quickly change colours thanks to the quick coupling. This saves a lot of time and colour.

The set includes an empty bottle.
It is recommended to upgrade to some extra bottles, which can be bought seperately (182S-0203).


included nozzle: 0.4mm threadless
Air pressure range: 15~50 PSI (1~3.5 ar)
Bottle capacity: 35 cc
Differences between Michelangelo (Bottle Feed) and Caravaggio (Gravity Feed)

Bottle Feed means, that the colour will be attached beneath the pistol. Therefore bigger bottles can be used, which reduces time for bottle changes.

Gravity Feed pistols have the bottle attached on the top. This allows for the colour supply to be steady, cause less air is needed. This is crutial for very fine detail work. The gravity fed system is also easier to clean.

Michelangelo is the "allrounder" whereas Caravaggio is recommended for fine details and line work.