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EcoPower Digital Infrared Temp Gauge


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Light-Weight & Compact Digital Temperature Gauge.

EcoPower Miniature Digital Infrared Temperature Gauge. This infrared temperature gauge is the go-to for accurate temperature readings in the realm of R/C equipment and beyond. Unlike generic temperature guns that leave accuracy in question, especially those from questionable sources, this gauge ensures precision, reliability, and simplicity. Tailored for R/C engines, motors, battery packs, chargers, and more, this non-contact tool delivers trustworthy temperature assessments with ease. Just aim, press the measurement button, and swiftly display surface temperatures—an essential companion for safeguarding your valuable equipment with precision.

About The Temp Guage:

Why you need a temp guage

Knowing the temperature of your electric motor and ESC allows you to ensure your electronics are safe from overheating. Knowing your nitro engine temperature can aid in tuning and help ensure you do not overheat your engine on a hot day. Knowing track temperatures ensures you use the correct compound tire for the track you are racing on. For these reasons, digital temperature gauges are a very important tool that any RC enthusiast should have on hand. From checking track temperatures to ensuring your components do not overheat, the EcoPower mini temperature gauge is a perfect choice.

Nitro Applications

Using the EcoPower temperature gauge can help you with many startup and tuning procedures. When starting your nitro engine, it is a good practice to pre-heat the engine block. This can be done by using a heat gun or a nitro engine heater. Getting your engine hot prior to starting can lead to easier starting and aid in engine life. Most performance nitro engines run between 230-270°F, using this temperature gauge can help you tune your engine to the optimal running temperature for your engine. It can also help you check if your engine is running too hot, temperatures over 290 can lead to losing compression or scaring/scratching the internals.

Electric Applications

The EcoPower temperature gauge is vital with electronic components for both racers and bashers. When changing gearing, motor timing, ESC settings, and even tire size changes, it is important to watch your electronics temperatures. Overheating an electric motor can cause the internal magnets to lose their strength, damaging the internal wiring, or even damage the sensor board. It is recommended to keep your electric motor temperatures under 170°F. If your ESC gets too hot, it can cause internal damage or even the capacitors failing. On performance ESCs, checking the lowest point of the ESC can give you a good indication of what the ESC board temperature is.

NOTE: These temperatures are only suggestions. To ensure your engine/motor/ESC are running in the optimal temperature range please check the owner's manual of your RC equipment.


  • Data hold
  • Handy LED flashlight
  • Measures °C and °F
  • Battery monitor
  • Maintain temperature precision with a narrow deviation of ±2°C