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FT Adjustable Flywheel and Spring Cam

Team Associated

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FT Adjustable Flywheel and Spring Cam

After the 2016 1:8 scale World Championships, the Area 51 engineers began working on an idea to make our clutch system more easily adaptable to changing track conditions. After months of prototyping and testing, they came up with a patent-pending design that gives racers the ability to adjust the tension of the clutch springs -- without having to remove the clutch and change springs. In fact, the engine doesn't even need to be removed from the chassis to make the adjustment. The adjustment is done with a single set screw that engages with a spring cam. By loosening or tightening a set screw in the flywheel, the spring cam rotates within the flywheel to adjust the tension on the springs. This means you can make quick adjustments while in the pit lane.

(The outer diameter of the flywheel is 34mm.)

To make a clutch adjustment, bring the car into the pit lane, shut off the engine, make a quick adjustment to the clutch set screw that engages the spring cam, and fire the engine back up. This is especially useful when track conditions change and you want to tune the power band to get the most comfortable power delivery.

Turning the adjustment set screw CCW reduces the spring tension and makes the clutch engage sooner, thus "softening" the power delivery. This can make the car easier to drive on lower traction tracks.
Turning the adjustment set screw CW increases the spring tension and makes the clutch engage later, making the power delivery more aggressive. This can be useful on higher traction tracks
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Patent-pending design allows for spring tension adjustments without changing springs.
Make spring tension adjustments without removing engine, clutch, or any other components.
Adjustable flywheel and spring cam are compatible with all existing Team Associated 4-shoe clutch components including shoes, springs, collet, flywheel nut, and flywheel pins.
The FT 4-Shoe Adjustable Flywheel is made from hard anodized aluminum
The FT Spring Cam is made from hardened steel
Fits RC8B3 series and most 1:8 nitro buggies and truggies
To upgrade your existing Team Associated 4-Shoe clutch to the new adjustable model:

Use #81421 FT 4-Shoe Adjustable Flywheel and Spring Cam
Use existing springs, shoes, collet, nut, pins and clutch bell
Requires one M3x5 mm set screw, AE #89219
Requires red thread-locking compound
To upgrade your existing non-Team Associated clutch or to build the adjustable model with all new components:

Use #81420 FT 4-Shoe Adjustable Clutch System. All hardware is included.
Requires red thread-locking compound