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Invisible Speed Inc The Definitive Guide To Scale Motorsports Setup (2nd Edition) (English)


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Setup Guide Overview:

Drawing from over two decades of experience in Scale Motorsports, author Joseph Quagraine shares his journey from teenage RC Car enthusiast to professional driver in the mid-2000s. Following his studies in mechanical engineering and industrial design, he founded JQ Design Ltd, where he released his own meticulously designed car. Known as "JQ," he channels his passion for race car performance and engineering into this unique book, which delves into race car design theory, practical setup applications, and their impact on RC Car handling. Focusing on 1:8th scale nitro buggies while offering insights relevant across scales and classes, this comprehensive guide is a must-have for enthusiasts seeking to understand the principles of vehicle dynamics and performance optimization.


  • Build confidence in your setup
  • Learn suspension geometry
  • Manage your race day
  • Understand setup choice for track conditions
  • Improve mental focus


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