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JConcepts 12mm Hex Mono 2.2 Rear Wheels (4) (B6/B74/RB6)


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This is a set of four JConcepts Mono 12mm Hex 2.2 Rear Wheels, and are intended for use with the Associated B4.1, B44.1 and Kyosho RB5 1/10 buggies. For many years the standard setup on Team Associated 2wd vehicles has been a proven bearing front wheel and pin-drive rear wheel setup. Times have changed, and JConcepts - Mono 12mm hex wheels are the latest accessory available for the Team Associated B4.1 buggy. With the recent release of the Team Associated¡¦s 12mm hex conversion, converting to a more durable interchangeable wheel setup is easier than ever. JConcepts replacement wheels are designed in the popular dish style and available in bright white and fluorescent yellow. When Team Associated makes an update, JConcepts delivers.

The Mono wheels are the maximum size allowed under ROAR rules and make a statement with their large appearance, slight concave dish shaped design and superior inner rib design. The wheels incorporate an outer glue catch that resists excess glue from running down the wheel face during the gluing process. JConcepts wheels are manufactured using advanced techniques to ensure trueness and durability and are branded with the small JC logo for brand identification and authenticity.

To use the 12mm hex wheel on the B4.1 it requires JConcepts part JCI2091 clamping hex for the rear and the Team Associated hex conversion for front along with JConcepts part JCI2135 clamping front hex. Mono 12mm hex wheels are a direct bolt-on and correct offset wheel for the Kyosho RB5 line of buggies.

Popular dish styling and detail
4 wheels included per package
Available in bright white and fluorescent yellow
Vent holes
Advanced manufacturing process and durable material
Fits Kyosho RB5 and as a direct fit
Fits B4.1, and B44.1 with adapters

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