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JConcepts Tire Break-In Drill Adaptor Kit (Black) (12mm/17mm)


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The JConcepts Tire Break-In Drill Adaptor Kit was developed for 1/10 and 1/8 tire break in. This simple combination of a standard hex drive shaft for a typical drill, has been extended and given some lock driven flats to make it a very useful tool around the track. An aluminum 12 and 17mm hex adaptor slides over the shaft to give racers the option of which type of vehicle (1/10th or 1/8th) they are preparing tires for.

The flywheel nut features a large diameter for grip and adjustment and the ability to flip directions for deeper dish shaped wheels. It also has dark black anodizing, laser etched logo, grippy knurling and a light design for quick function.

Precision machined aluminum and steel
Lightweight / durable / interchangeable design
Laser etched logo for authenticity
Available in black anodized color
Aesthetic, race-ready jewelry