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Koswork 1/8 Racing Bag/Starter Box Bag (w/KOS32010 Starter Box Case & Lid)


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*Excellent for nitro racing
*Starter box case & lid included
*Starter box can be either put on the top of the case or inside
*Fuel case can be placed inside
*Tool loops for fuel gun, cross wrench, drivers, glow igniter, etc.
*Side pockets for plugs, clips, parts or accessories
*Thick plastic honeycomb board at the bottom

*Made In Taiwan

*Cars, parts, accessories & others are not included.*

Please notice the bag is flexible. Dimensions below is for your reference.
The actual size can be larger.

Size: W × D × H – 690× 205× 200 mm (outside)

1PCS KOS32010 Starter Box Case 390x180x175mm (w/Lid)
380x185x165mm (inner)