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Koswork Nitro Engine Starter Set (w/glow igniter set, fuel bottle, wrenches & screwdriver)


Regular price $33.00


*Most needed accessories are included to get your nitro vehicle running
*Excellent for all nitro racers


500cc Fast Fill fuel bottle, similar to KOS09005 Classic 500ml Fuel Bottle, but without logo
KOS05005 USB Glow Igniter/Starter Charger
KOS05003-2600 2600mAh Glow Igniter/Starter
KOS13267 M2/2.5/3/4mm Nut Cross Wrench (4, 5, 5.5 & 7mm)
KOS13265 Glow Plug/Clutch Nut/Wheel Nut Cross Wrench (7, 8, 10, 12 & 17mm) (w/glow plug clip)
KOS13264 Flat Head Engine Tuning Screwdriver 4.0x125mm (205mm)
*Cars, parts, accessories & others are not included.*