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Koswork Tekno EB48/NB48 2.0/2.1 Front & Rear Carbon Shock Tower Set


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*5mm high quality carbon fiber
*Front tower lightweight 15.4g (compared with stock aluminum tower 29.6g)
*Rear tower lightweight 23.4g (compared with stock aluminum tower 37g)
*An extra column of inner camber link positions (+5mm) is added
*Allowing a longer link for added stability
*An additional front shock position is also added to further lay down the front shocks for high grip conditions
*An extra row of rear shock positions are also added for various tracks or Tekno short/long shocks
*Additional hardware (2pcs 3x14mm Cap screws & 2pcs 3mm locknus for extra wing mount position setting) is included for using higher rear wing mount positions

**A modification will be needed when using higher wing mount positions. The rear part of the rear body mount will need to be removed and the body will need to be trimmed for clearance. 1pcs 3x10mm Cap screw is included for the shorted rear body mount.**

*Made In Taiwan

*Cars, parts, accessories & others are not included.*