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ProTek RC Associated B6.4 Aluminum Clamping Servo Horn (25T-Futaba/Savox/ProTek)


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The ProTek R/C Associated B6 Aluminum Clamping Servo Horn is an updated horn that features a 2mm taller ball stud standoff, compared to the previous ProTek Team Associated servo horn. This horn is machined from a solid block of aluminum alloy and anodized black. The horn has been machined to the exact specifications of the plastic Team Associated ASC91728 servo horn, but provides the precision, rigidity and durability required for the latest generation of high-performance R/C vehicles. Plus, the horn only weighs two grams and provides the security of a clamping design, ensuring the horn remains in place when the retainer screw comes loose.

Direct replacement for ASC91728
Fits Team Associated B6 series off-road vehicles
Clamping design
Weighs only 2 grams
25T Spline Output Shaft
Note: Due to manufacturer tolerances, this servo horn may be a tight fit with certain servo brands.

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