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RSC 5812 ST5 Pro

RCPROPLUS 5mm Solderless Phosphor Bronze Bullet Connector (2)


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The RCProPlus RSC 5812 ST4 Pro 5mm battery connector offers a unique approach with RC connections - solderless. Because of this design, installation is a breeze and can be completed in a matter of minutes. With bare wires exposed, each connector uses a single set screw to complete the mechanical connection.

Pro versions of the RSC series of bullets feature a material known as phosphor bronze alloy. This is not a common use within the RC market due to it's high cost, however RCProPlus is known for pushing connector technology forward. Phosphor bronze is noted for it's toughness, strength, low friction coefficient, and fine grain. Simply put - this is the best connector on the market. Period.

High competition RCers - this is your soltuion for connector choice. It's built with super high quality copper alloy, and features precise CNC machining. Featuring a high grip knurled surface allows users to plug in and unplug the connection with ease, and relieving stress off the wire which will aid in reducing connector and wire failure over time.

Patented solderless design
Large and low resistance contact surfaces
Chamfered window for easy wire installation
High end Phosphor Bronze material
Connector Diameter: 5mm
Connector (Connection) Length: 15mm
Connector (Total) Length: 23mm
Continuous Current: 220A
Peak Current: 260A
AWG Support: 12-14AWG