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REDS 32mm "Tetra" V3 Aluminum Off-Road Adjustable 4-Shoe Clutch System


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This is a REDS 32mm Off-Road "Tetra" V3 Adjustable Aluminum 4-Shoe Clutch System, featuring a improved flywheel compared to its previous version with a dust-proof flywheel to protect the engine front bearing from dirt even on high dust conditions. Improved shoes and springs optimize fuel consumption and performance and can be used on previous clutch versions. Using the configurable top plate and springs, there are 6 different combinations: 1.0 and 1.1mm springs and 3 preload adjustments with the top plate.

REDS clutch system is 32mm diameter to make it suitable for any type of car (Buggy and Truggy). 32mm for Kyosho, JQ, Tekno, Team Associated, Hot Bodies, Serpent, Xray. The original REDS bell can be used with all types of cars named above. *NOTE: Losi and Tekno require the 13T or 14T Durabell clutch bell.

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