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REDS 34mm "Tetra" Carbon GT Adjustable 4-Shoe Clutch System


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The REDS Racing 34mm "Tetra" Carbon GT Adjustable 4-Shoe Clutch System was developed specifically for the 1-8 GT Class. This GT Clutch design allows for easy clutch engagement settings from soft to hard, allowing tuning for different track conditions and racing styles without the need to change springs. The clutch uses an adjustment nut to control the engagement point though the variation of the spring preload. This system also helps to improve clutch bell engagement for better engine response and throttle feel. Package includes flywheel, graphite clutch shoes, clutch spring, assembly screws, flywheel collet, flywheel nut and pressure sleeve.

34mm flywheel
4-shoe Graphite design
Super-easy clutch setting though preload spring
More balanced clutch bell engagement
Improves engagement
Improves throttle feel

Kyosho Inferno GT/GT2
Mugen MGT7 Original
Serpent S811 Cobra GT
Serpent S811 Cobra GT 3.0
XRAY GTX8 Original