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RPM Mega Bearing Blaster


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This is the RPM Mega Bearing Blaster. The RPM Mega Bearing Blaster takes up where the original Bearing Blaster leaves off. The Mega Bearing Blaster can handle bearing sizes with a minimum inside diameter of 3/16¡¨ (5mm) up to 1.25¡¨ (32mm) in diameter! Unlike a majority of the bearing cleaning devices and solutions currently on the market, the RPM Mega Bearing Blaster uses pressure to blast debris from dirty bearings, providing instantaneous results. The RPM Mega Bearing Blaster isolates the bearing in a contained environment, making it the safest way to forcefully blast debris from your bearings by preventing back-splash of cleaners and lubricants from hitting your hands and/or face.

Operation couldn¡¦t be easier. Simply remove the top, place the dirty bearing (with the shields removed) on the center cone of the base and then replace the top. Take your favorite can of cleaner (not included), slip the spray tube in the top of the Mega Bearing Blaster, hold it down and blast away! Bearings will be clean in just seconds! Plus, the same tool used to clean your bearings can also be used to lubricate them. Switch your spray from a cleaner to a lightweight lubricant, give it a blast and you¡¦re done! It¡¦s quick, it¡¦s easy and it¡¦s the most effective cleaner available!