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Schumacher "Cut Stagger" Pre-Mounted 2.2" 2WD Buggy Front Turf Tires (2) (Yellow) (White) w/12mm Hex


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This is a set of Schumacher "Cut Stagger" Pre-Mounted 2.2" 2WD Front Turf Tires on white dish wheels. The popular low profile "Cut Stagger" tire, pre-glued onto a slim white dish wheel with a 12mm hex. This tire provides slightly more initial turn in than the higher profile standard Slim Cut Stagger tire, and should be used when you need less bite than a Mini Spike, but more bite than a Stagger Rib. Available in multiple compounds to best suit your application.

Schumacher Tire Compounds:
Blue: The hardest available, a general purpose, hard wearing compound.
Green: Medium Compound. Slightly softer than Blue, generally used as an all around compound and works well in both wet and dry conditions.
Yellow: Soft Compound. The racers choice! The benchmark tire compound for all others to try and beat. Excellent choice for dry conditions.
Silver: Super Soft Compound. Ideal for wet astro.

(2) "Cut Stagger" 2.2" tires
(2) White dish wheels