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Team Associated 12mm Hex 2.2" "Slim" Front Buggy Wheels (White) (2) (B6)

Nick Hobbies

Regular price $8.99

The slim front wheels are designed for use with all popular carpet and AstroTurf surface tires. It features the same offset as the popular ASC9691 and ASC9690 2WD front wheels, only with an optimized profile.

The wheels are textured on the gluing surface for secure tire mounting and have a smooth polished face for a factory team look. They are lightweight, yet stiff to reduce wheel deflection under hard cornering. 


  • Slim profile for carpet and AstroTurf(TM) tires
  • Lightweight and rigid
  • Textured gluing surface for secure tire mounting
  • 12mm hex
  • Fits RC10B6 and B6D
  • Also available in Yellow (ASC91758)