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Team Powers Portable Soldering Station

Team Powers

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This is a Team Powers Portable Soldering Station, a compact and portable soldering station that runs off a 2S to 4S Lipo Battery. The Soldering Station is kept portable by construction, with the casing and bottom cover made of a lightweight aluminum and the iron top body made of carbon graphite. A useful part tray and foam space area are incorporated at the top of the station to help with keeping small parts in place. Usage is easy with a simple On/Off switch.

Portable and support with battery input.
Standard operating temperature can be up to 420¡¦c, but it can be adjusted to max 520¡¦c which is not suggested to do it because it will shorten the lifetime directly.
Two LEDs as the status indicator.
Iron head can be replaceable.
With part tray and foam space area at the top of the station.
With 4mm, 5mm and 2mm plug hole for easy soldering.
Ion body can be roll up and down to a desired position.
Easy usage with On/Off key
Station Dimension: ~80(L) x 80(W) x 35(H) mm.
Weight: ~252g (Include the Soldering Iron and Station only).
Input Power Voltage: 7.4V~18V (2S~4S Lipo Battery).
Power output: 150W