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Koswork Tekno Aluminum Spindle Set EB/NB/ET/NT48 2.1 Universal Driveshaft Only


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*Strong and lightweight aluminum 7075 T6 material
*Adjustable Ackerman by using different length spindle arms
*Improve front-end stability and overall responsiveness when these spindles are combined with an optional longer camber link length
*By selecting different spindle arms, the corner entry, middle, or exit aggressiveness can be fine tuned.
*Classic black color
*Offer consistent performance and handling
*Designed for Tekno EB/NB/ET/NT48 2.1
*Used with Koswork KOS04013AC/BD or Tekno TKR9047A/B/C spindle arms

It is recommend to start with KOS04013AC (A position) or Tekno TKR9047A arms as these are the same Ackerman length as the original spindles.
Due to the reduced incline angle, the camber and steering links will need to be adjusted.

Setup Notes:
KOS04013AC (A position) or Tekno TKR9047A — for lower grip, open tracks.  More initial low-speed steering.  Less middle and exit steering.
KOS04013BD (B position) or Tekno TKR9047B — for medium grip, mid-size tracks.  More balanced entry, middle and exit steering.
KOS04013AC (C position) or Tekno TKR9047C — for high grip, tight tracks.  Less initial steering with more middle and exit steering.
KOS04013BD (D position) — for very high grip & tight tracks.  Lest initial steering with most middle and exit steering.

*Made In Taiwan

*Cars, parts, accessories & others are not included.*