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Tekno RC 83mm Rear Shock Spring Set (Yellow) (1.5 x 10.0T) (2)


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Tekno RC 83mm Rear Shock Spring Set. These optional springs are intended for the Tekno RC EB48 2.0 and ET48 2.0. The team at Tekno RC developed these springs to boost corner speed and provided more consistent landings. On corner exiting, these springs provide improved rear end support and are longer to cover the entire range of shock travel. Package includes two rear shock springs.

Effects of Shock Spring Changes
Shock Spring Characteristic
Increased Chassis Roll
Increased Traction
Better in Bumpy Conditions
More Likely to Bottom Out
Decreased Chassis Roll
Decreased Traction
Increased Responsiveness

Tekno RC EB48 2.0
Tekno RC EB48 2.1
Tekno RC ET48 2.0
Tekno RC NB48 2.1