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Tekno RC EB/NB/ET/NT48 Spindle Arms (Type C)


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The Tekno RC EB/NB/ET/NT48 Spindle Arms are to be used in combination with the Tekno Adjustable Ackerman Spindles (TKR9041X - sold separately). Package includes two spindle arms.

Using this C-type spindle arm in combination with the adjustable spindles will allow for less Ackerman than the Tekno TKR9047B, and less Ackermann than stock. The C-type spindles will provide less initial steering with more middle and exit steering. This setting is best used for tight, high grip, tracks.

Tekno RC EB48 2.0
Tekno RC EB48 2.1
Tekno RC ET48 2.0
Tekno RC NB48 2.0