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Tekno Ball Bearing (5x14x5, shielded, 2pcs) 2pcs Only w/o header card


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  • TKRBB05114 - Ball Bearings (5x11x4, 2pcs) is included with the EB410, EB410.2, EB48 2.0, EB48 2.1, EB48.2, EB48.3, EB48.4, EB48SL, ET410, ET410.2, ET48, ET48 2.0, ET48.3, MT410, MT410 2.0, NB48, NB48 2.0, NB48 2.1, NB48.3, NB48.4, NT48, NT48 2.0, NT48.3, SCT410, SCT410 2.0, SCT410.3 and SCT410SL kits and can be used as a replacement part for those vehicles.