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Trinity 48P Ultra Light Weight Aluminum Pinion Gear (3.17mm Bore) (26T)


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Team Trinity 48 Pitch Ultra Light Weight Aluminum Pinion Gears are precision machined with a 2.5mm wide tooth surface, and ultra lightweight for On-Road and Off-Road Racing. Stronger than molded composite gears, these pinions mesh with all 48 pitch spur gears, and have been titanium nitride hard anodized for longer life. Uses 3mm set screw (included), standard 3.175mm bore, and available in a variety of tooth count options. Tooth count is etched on the pinion gear for easy identification. 

  • Titanium Nitride Hard Anodized for Long Life and Less Resistance
  • Precision Machined Ultra Thin Tooth Profile (Less Than 2.5mm Wide)
  • Large Multi Hole Cutouts to Reduce Weight
  • For 1/8" Shaft (3.175mm) Motors
  • 3mm set screw included 
  • Size etched on each pinion